Our Writers

Camille Ainsworth – Fiscal Standard Editor

Camille has now been the Editor of Fiscal Standard and one other online investor news service for over three years. With her own personal investing experience she is a seasoned trader whose knowledge allows us to break the biggest market moving stories.

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Daniel Janson – Business / Markets Co-Editor

Daniel has spent his career working for two hedge fund management companies prior to retiring from his full-time positions in 2014.

At current he writes and co-edits Fiscal Standard’s Business and European/US Markets sections. Through his extensive market knowledge Daniel is aware of company updates and news as soon as it reaches the wires.

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Deon Forester – Business / Markets Contributor

Deon has spent over 10 years as a freelance writer covering US and European markets. He joined Fiscal Standard to increase our coverage of specific companies that are updating the market at the start of the day with earning reports and press releases.

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Gary Moorecroft – Business / Economics Contributor

Gary graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Degree in Business and Economics. His understanding of global macro conditions helps us give traders of stock markets, commodities and major forex pairs an insight into potential factors which can influence market trends.

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Julianne Carver – Business / Technology Contributor

Julianne closely follows technology stocks with a view to trading them and enjoys spending her spare time writing stories on such companies. Julianne has been a day trader for 6 years and primarily trades big tech stocks for quick market moves whilst still maintaining a diversified value orientated portfolio.

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Nikole Bonner – US/European Markets Contributor

Nikole just began her career as a finance writer and researcher for Fiscal Standard after graduating from Pennsylvania State University in the US. Nikole specialises in large cap companies in both US and European markets.

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Todd Francis – US/European Markets Contributor

Todd is well versed in all types of bear and bull markets through over 10 years of investing and financial writing experience. Personally he trades stocks on the back of market moving news stories and spends the majority of his mornings reading trading updates from companies.

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