Skype Co-Founder Funds New Messaging App Which Offers Encrypted Messaging And Video Calling For Users


Wire says its privacy and security is always on despite what device the application is used on.

A new messaging platform that offers end-to-end encryption for all forms of communication, even over video calls, has been developed by a team of former Skype technology specialists who are supported by Skype’s co-founder, Janus Friis.

The new platform called Wire, which has been created by a team of around 50 engineers, is now the subject of a general political dispute that places the matter of privacy against those who support security – an issue highlighted by the conflict between Apple and the U.S State.

Wire declared on Thursday that a video calling system will be added to their private communication package, an element that will offer more than what is currently being offered by other messaging services on the market. Unlike other competitors such as Facebook messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp the new messaging platform will offer full encryption of conversations not just sections of it.

The company, located in Switzerland will transmit communications over a cloud based system, however all user information which is encrypted will not be stored in the cloud network but on their own storage space devices. Wire will ensure greater privacy at a higher level, even when the user is operating on different types of devices at the same time.

The new privacy option provided by Wire now represents a new challenge for law enforcing authorities who usually tend to take advantage of encryption breaks in communications which are being utilised in criminal security related investigations.

The Chief Technology Officer of Wire, Alan Duric said:

“We believe Wire is unique in the industry with always-on encryption for all conversation(s), in groups or 1:1, with simultaneous support for multiple devices.”

Wire’s Executive Chairman, also added that:

“Everything is end-to-end encrypted: That means voice and video calls, texts, pictures, graphics – all the content you can send.”

The Chairman is also the co-founder of the online communication giant, Skype – a technology launched in 2003 and that was later sold on until it became a part of Microsoft Corp.

In 2014, Wire’s app was launched on the market for the first time, it provided encrypted texts and calls like many other apps but its key differentiating asset was that it gave very clear voice quality.

Wire is dependent on basic, open- source encryption methods that enables third-party technical experts to look in depth at the security of the program, a new alternative as the other platforms require experts to trust them.

You can find more information about the security system at :

Wire is supported financially by Iconical, a unit which offers investment for the development of projects such as apps, and also contributing to Wire is Friis himself who funds it through Iconical.

They have not yet released the information about the amount of funding it has been given but they assure their customers that they won’t have any advertising placed on the app. They are instead focused on growing at a fast pace and will establish a reliable business strategy at a later date.

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